International level project with
Junior High School English-level

Your future will be better everyday by working with us

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    As the scale of offshore development expands the number of international active directors has increased.
    Working only in Japan will increase directors income gap.

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    Can you confidently speak in English?
    Are you reading and writing documents in English?
    Do you know why you need to communicate in English?

Please don't worry about an English project.
We will always give you full support.

You can start working with Junior High School level English. Most of our members start without International level project experience but actively develop their skills and they can use help from translation application. You will be working in English environment with us, so your English skill will be better day by day.
We also offer an English class for free during work, you can participate in groups based on your level. So, let’s try to improve your English by participating regularly.

Grune Exist for Their Members

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    We promise the profits we made,
    will be shared with the members.

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    Focused on how you can be happy while working.

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    Together with our members,
    we lead the company to be our dream company.

The average age of our members is 26.7 years old.
Let's create a company with young vibe, even when we work together with older generation.

Attractive Project

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    There are fascinating international projects
    for European luxury brands (such as watches and cars).

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    We accept all race, gender and age.
    We always promise to give equal return to our members.
    Some members get 200% salary increase in two years.

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    Not only web and mobile application development,
    we handle 3D, VR and AR development projects.
    In the future we will continue to focus on AI services.

We take every opportunity and always expand our IT services.
Even in Southeast Asia including Indonesia as developing country.

Job Description

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    • In addition to the website production, direction for system development work and project management work, you will also be involved in corporate promotion measures, branding, and marketing strategies.
    • Once you have reached a certain English level, you will be able to give instructions to the developer team in Indonesia. Senior members will help and give support.
    • A wide range of projects including web applications, mobile application, EC sites, network server design, 3D, VR, and AR construction.
    • Develop skills to step up as a sales / director.
    • Our customers: Japan: 70%, Europe: 20%, Asia: 10%
    • Currently 60% of our project came from other companies, but we will strengthen our own project in the future.

Message from CEO

山下 敏義
Toshichika Yamashita CEO

Born in South Soma, Fukushima Prefecture. In addition to having a second-class architect qualification, he involved in many development projects related to AR and VR. After graduating from the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, he engaged in software development at Swiss company in German.
In 2013, he started his own business. First launched a software development business in South Soma, Fukushima Prefecture and Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Then development base established in Indonesia to develop engineers.
In April 2017, he got promoted to be Trust One Director and CTO. Have responsibility in business processes quality and innovating new project.
Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture.

Our Members

Erik Cervilla
Sales Director
Ida Bagus
General Manager
Thoiful Minan
Senior 3D / Web Designer
Eko Tri Sanjaya
3D / Web Designer
Theresia Yuliana
3D Designer
Putri Febriana
3D Designer
Diba Farizki
3D Designer
Bangkit Triguno
3D Designer
Raden Nabila
3D Designer
Arnaya Wahyu
3D / Web Designer
Nisya Feranni
3D Designer
Puty Mathilda
3D Designer
3D Designer
Luqman Hakim
Web Developer
Dirga Paradila
Web Developer
Agus Wisnu
Web Developer
Welly Wahyudi
Web Developer
Adi Yoga
Web Developer
Web Developer
Yoga Pratama
Web Developer
Wawan Andika
Web Developer
Putra Paramartha

Ideal Candidate Profile

The Ideal Candidate
  • Those who want to improve themselves overwhelmingly, do research and development in English and who are interested in the latest technology.
  • Those who can move the organization smoothly with the focus on teamwork
  • Those who want to realize overwhelming growth in a short period of time
Non Ideal Candidate
  • Those who don't learn actively by themselves and cannot grow.
  • Those who are not excited about new technology and do not want to travel around the world.
  • Those who don't have interest on rapid growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the average age of employees?
    It is a young company. The average age of 26.7 years.
  • Q2: Is there any provision for working clothes?
    Nothing in particular. (If you are in the office you can wear rough shirts such as T-shirt and hoodies.) When you meet customers, you will be in business casual.
  • Q3: Is there a written test?
    There is no written test. Mainly document screening and interviews.
  • Q4: Are you providing the transportation fee?
    A maximum of 15’000 Yen (140 USD) will be provided for train and buses from your home to the office
  • Q5: Can I work in Japan(Fukushima, Sendai) or Indonesia (Bali, Yogyakarta)?
    Basically, you will work in Philippines(Cebu city), but you can take a long business trip or work in Japan or Indonesia in consideration of your wishes and skills
  • Q6: Do you offer internships?
    We carry out internships. Please contact us if you want to work as a world-class engineer
  • Q7: What are the main development environments?
    Grune mainly uses Docker, GitLab, Pipelines, VSCode, Android Studio and Xcode.
  • Q8: What is the minimum required TOEIC?
    There is no minimum TOEIC standard, but there are many opportunities to use English in communication with our teams overseas. Those who can actively communicate in English are welcome.
  • Q9: When do you need English?
    It is necessary to communicate with teams overseas regarding the development. The main communication is by chat.
  • Q10: Is the work related to the major at the university and is there an eligibility for entry?
    That is no problem in particular. The skills and the willingness to grow are more important, rather than the majors.
  • Q11: Is there a chance for young employees to make proposals for new businesses?
    There are many opportunities to challenge new businesses regardless of the age.

Recruitment Process

Please contact us

Please feel free to ask any concerns you may have through the contact form or chat.

Let’s have a coffee together first

Let's talk directly while we enjoy a coffee at the cafe and eat together (every Wednesday and Friday: around Sendai Station). There will be no hard interviews. Please feel free to ask me anything.


If you feel like joining, please apply to us. You can use the contact form, call us, or simply meet at the place mentioned before.

Recruitment interview

Conduct an interview. Technical tests are also being performed if necessary.


It takes about a week from application to the notification of acceptance.

Application Requirements


  • Salary
    • Experienced person:JPY 240,000/Month~JPY 600,000/Month
    • Inexperience:JPY 180,000/Month~
      Example: First one year JPY 290,000 and next year JPY 470,000
    • Internship
  • Work Location
    • Sendai, Japan
      1-12-12 Honmachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture - GM Building 6F
      We will move to a better office near Sendai Station by the end of 2019.
    • Philippines: Cebu Office
    • Indonesia: Bali and Yogyakarta Office
    • ※Overseas office only for those who wish
  • Bonus
    • Twice a year. Determined on performance and evaluation
  • Salary Increasement
    • Twice a year. Determined on evaluation
  • Various Allowances
    • Commuting allowance (up to 15,000 yen / month)
    • Overtime allowance
  • Holiday
    • Free on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
    • New Year holidays, summer vacation
    • Annual holidays 124 days
  • Qualification Requirements
    • People who can sympathize with company philosophy
    • Those who are willing to learn
    • Any educational background
  • Welcome Skills
    • Horse riding (more than just walking, in-house riding club, free riding equipment available)
    • English communication skills
    • PHP, Laravel, CakePHP, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Java, Android(Java), iOS(swift), Unity, C#
    • Over 1-year programming experience on the web and mobile apps (self-study is also possible)
    • Highly eager to explore new technologies
    • Experience in upstream process design
  • Employment Status
    • Full-time (Trial period 3 months)
  • Welfare
    • There is a qualification incentive system (up to 100,000 yen per year)
    • Full social insurance
    • English class
  • Recruitment Background
    • The plan is to increase the number of employees in the contract development business and in-house services. In order to establish a new development base in Cebu Island in the Philippines, we will expand the management organization on the Japanese side.
  • Number of Employees
    • 30 (Japan + Indonesia + Switzerland)
  • Base
    • South Soma, Fukushima Prefecture
    • Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
    • Cebu, Philippines
    • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    • Bali, Indonesia
    • Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
  • Working hours
    • Japan 9:00-18:00
    • Indonesia 8:00-17:00
  • Other
    • Remote work is possible in the future. You can aim to be the strongest IT engineer regardless of location with a single PC.
    • For those who wish, Indonesia Yogyakarta (with World Heritage), Bali overseas business trip. Also enjoy traveling abroad!
    • Development environment: Git, Slack, Chatwork, Bitbucket, CI (automatic testing, automatic deployment, etc.) Learn the latest development methods.
  • Recruitment of Other Industries

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